Gender studies programs to be banned in Hungary

The Orbán regime introduced legislation to shut down accredited gender studies programs offered by universities in Hungary. The ban will primarily impact students at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (ELTE)–the only institution in Hungary, other than Central European University, to offer gender studies at the graduate level, and the only one to provide this program in Hungarian.
Source: hungarianfreepress.com

EU court to hear citizens’ climate case against EU

The European General Court accepted the case dubbed the 'People's Climate Case'. In this case EU citizens demand that the court annuls three climate-related laws adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU: a directive on the EU's emissions trading system (ETS); a regulation on greenhouse gas emission reductions in sectors not covered by the ETS like agriculture and transport; and a regulation that governs how land and forest management is counted as neutralising emissions.
Source: euobserver.com

Polish President vetoes change to European election rules

Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday refused to sign into law a change to the way the country elects members of the European Parliament, which critics say would have squeezed out all but the largest parties.
Source: politico.eu

Turkish court releases local Amnesty International head

A Turkish court has released Taner Kilic, the local honorary chairman of Amnesty International, from prison. Kilic, who has been in jail for a year as his trial continued, was charged with supporting a U.S.-based cleric whom Ankara blames for a July 2016 failed coup.
Source: www.reuters.com

EU commission steps up legal case against Poland

The European Commission moved closer on Tuesday (14 August) to a possible referral of Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU over Poland's new law on the country's Supreme Court. The EU executive sent Poland a 'reasoned opinion' – the next step on the escalation ladder of the so-called infringement procedure, which the commission opened last month.
Source: euobserver.com

New human rights project “Apology of protest” will help detainees at rallies

The international human rights group Agora launched the “Apology of Protest” project that will specialize in helping those detained at mass protesters. The head of the new legal service, Aleksey Glukhov, told MediaZone how his colleagues are going to work in the regions, and what the detainees can expect at the European Court of Human Rights.
Source: zona.media

Human Rights Council suggests to decriminalize breach of the sanctity of religion

Human Rights Council under the President of Russian Federation suggests to decriminalize breach of the sanctity of religion when it comes to public actions aiming to insult the religious feelings of a believer (part 1, article 148 of the Penal Code). Instead, it is suggested to complement the Code of Administrative Offences with the so-called “aggravated insult”. If the amendments are approved by the members of the council, the document will be forwarded to the Russian Popular Front and to the law enforcement agencies.
Source: meduza.io  

Italy migrant ship: Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to be investigated

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is reportedly being probed for his role in preventing migrants rescued at sea from disembarking in Sicily. Meanwhile, a deal has been reached to allow the migrants to leave the ship.
Source: dw.com

Government to ban unethical puppy and kitten farms in England

The regulation will mean anyone wanting to buy or home a puppy or kitten will have to deal directly with the breeder or rehoming centre, pledging to end the trade of unscrupulous breeders who keep animals in filthy and cramped conditions and force some to be pregnant many times over.
Source: theguardian.com