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Prague asks allies for ‘solidarity expulsions’ in diplomatic dispute with Moscow over depot blast

The Czech Republic has called on fellow European Union and NATO members for "solidarity" action to support it amid a diplomatic spat between Prague and Moscow over Czech claims that Russian military agents were behind a deadly 2014 explosion at a Czech arms depot.

Source: RFE/RL


After China ban, Romania hit by illegal waste imports

Despite having the second-lowest waste-recycling rates in the European Union, Romania has become overflowing with waste and garbage — most of it brought in illegally from abroad.

Source: EU Observer


The government will ban “foreign agents” and people without teaching experience from holding lectures and seminars

The Russian government will prohibit lectures and teaching outside universities and schools to people without teaching experience, persons included in the list of "foreign agents", tax and fine debtors as well as people convicted under a number of the Criminal Code articles.

Source: Svoboda


Slovakia finally bans wolf hunting

The wolf is set to become a fully protected species in Slovakia after the country implemented a total ban on hunting. The country finally adopted new rules that bring it into line with EU guidelines. A European Commission infringement process was launched against Slovakia in 2013 for breaching a directive on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora.

Source: Emerging Europe


Does Denmark want to send its refugees to Rwanda?

Danish officials have downplayed concerns that a new immigration agreement struck with Rwanda could lead to the East African nation hosting refugees for Denmark. While the memorandum does not outline any clear plans for Rwanda to host refugees for Denmark, languaging in the document has sparked concerns that the agreement could open a door down that path.

Source: Euronews


Gig-economy riders in Spain must become staff within 90 days under new rule

Food delivery companies based in Spain have three months to employ their couriers as staff under new rules approved by the government, one of the first laws in Europe regarding gig-economy workers' rights. A debate on how to regulate workers' rights in the gig economy is unfolding globally. The European Commission has opened a public consultation period on potential EU-wide rules.

Source: Reuters


Belarus torture survivors take legal action in Germany

Ten people have filed a criminal complaint against Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko, alleging torture and crimes against humanity. As no legal action has been taken inside Belarus against security personnel, or Lukashenko, the lawyers hope an independent court case could be launched in Germany.

Source: DW


Russia to debate bill banning Navalny supporters from polls

Russia's parliament will debate a bill to ban members of "extremist" organizations from being elected as lawmakers in a move targeting supporters of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. The legislation can affect not only senior members and activists of Navalny's political network but tens of thousands of Russians who supported its work with donations.

Source: The Moscow Times


RFE/RL files urgent complaint with ECHR over Russia’s ‘Foreign Agent’ Law and fines

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has challenged Russia’s "foreign agent" law and the millions of dollars in fines levied on its Russian operations, arguing to the European Court of Human Rights that Moscow was violating its international obligations. Nine of RFE/RL’s news outlets have been designated foreign agents.

Source: RFE/RL