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France adopts domestic violence bill giving more power to doctors

France's parliament has voted to implement a bill intended to protect victims of domestic violence. The legislation allows doctors to break patient confidentiality if they believe a life is "in immediate danger".

Source: BBC

Estonian government agrees on amendments pertaining to international students

The purpose of the amendments is to hinder the emergence of communities which the Ministry of the Interior deems are posing high immigration and internal security risks. "This bill seeks to deliver a clear message that foreigners must return to their home state after the end of their studies and student mobility cannot be used as means for taking up permanent residence in Estonia," Minister of the Interior said.

Source: The Baltic Times

Council of Europe ‘alarmed’ at Poland’s plans to leave domestic violence treaty

Poland’s justice minister, Zbigniew Ziobro, said that he would begin preparing the formal process to withdraw from the Istanbul convention. The treaty is the world’s first binding instrument to prevent and tackle violence against women, from marital rape to female genital mutilation.

Source: The Guardian

Hungary’s independent press takes another blow and reporters quit

The editor in chief of Hungary's most widely read news site was fired and scores of journalists quit in protest as the government moved closer to near-complete control over the country's media landscape.

Source: The New York Times

Russian media are banned from publishing materials about the FSB

Russian President Vladimir Putin signs the law "On the Federal Security Service”. It prohibits publication and distribution of materials about FSB bodies without the permission of the agency's management.



Rainbow flag protesters charged by Polish police

LGBTI activists are facing fines or prison for draping rainbow flags on statues in Poland, amid hardening feelings on EU values.

Source: EU Observer


Irish citizens win case to force government action on climate change

A group of citizens have won a landmark case against the Irish government for failing to take adequate action on climate change. It is the first case in Ireland to hold the government to account for its contributions to dangerous levels of climate change.

Source: Euronews


France to push for rule-of-law sanctions as a part of EU recovery plan

France says it will press for rule-of-law sanctions under the new EU recovery budget in the amount of 750 billion euro because “there cannot be financial solidarity in Europe without worrying about respecting the basic rules of democracy, freedom of the media and equal rights.”

Source: EU Observer


Law against discrimination at work comes into force in Romania

The amendment to law introduces in the Labor Code definitions for each sanctionable behavior such as harassment or discrimination by association. The new law also specifies new reasons that companies are not allowed to use for dismissing employees.

Source: Romania Insider