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Poland is purging its prosecutors

Since 2015, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has waged a brazen campaign for control of Poland’s judicial system writ large.
Source: Foreign Policy

Anti-Corruption Foundation claimed as a “foreign agent”

Aleksey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation was included in the list of foreign agents, since the NGO received money from Spain and the US, according to the Russian Ministry of Justice.
Source: Novaya Gazeta

France — free access to public higher education is a constitutional right

French Constitutional Council ruled that free access to public higher education is a constitutional right, throwing into doubt a planned surge in tuition fees for foreigners.

Source: France 24


Franco’s remains to be exhumed after long court battle

The Spanish government said it had decided to move the dictator’s remains as they could no longer “remain in a public mausoleum that exalts his figure”, adding that the removal would “symbolically close the circle of Spanish democracy”.
Source: The Guardian

Northern Ireland legalizes abortion and same-sex marriage

The region was the only part of the United Kingdom that banned same-sex marriage and forbade abortion except when a mother's life is at risk.
Source: Euronews

Germany plans to nearly double taxes on short-haul flights

The tax hikes form part of a climate package in Germany aimed making the country carbon neutral by the year 2050.
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Czech top court scraps controversial law on taxing church restitutions

The Constitutional Court has invalidated a controversial law on taxing money returned to churches in compensation for property stolen by the communist regime in the 1950s.
Source: Radio Prague International

Russia’s Putin revokes Geneva Convention protocol on war crimes victims

President Vladimir Putin is pulling Russia out of a key element of the Geneva Convention that authorizes investigations into alleged war crimes against civilians as “in the current international environment, the risks of the commission’s power abuse by the states, which are acting in bad faith, are increasing significantly.”
Source: Reuters

International Court of Justice accepted the complaint of the Kuzbass’ residents on the genocide of the local population by coal mining companies

In an appeal to the Hague court, Kuzbass residents claim that coal mines operating in the region are engaged in open-pit mining, which is why local residents have cancer and respiratory problems. The statement also indicates that harmful emissions are many times higher than the permissible quantities.
Source: Novaya Gazeta