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Russia backs away from total cryptocurrency ban

Russia recently signed a new cryptocurrency law that while stopping short of the previous ban on cryptocurrencies, still imposed stringent restrictions on its use in as form of monetary currency. Starting January 1st, 2021, cryptocurrencies will be allowed in Russia, though they will not be allowed to be used in exchange for any goods or services.

Source: Forbes


Germany plans equal rights for lesbian co-mothers

A baby born into a lesbian family will have two mothers, and neither will be required to apply to adopt the child, according to a proposed reform. But that won't be the case for kids in families with two fathers.

Source: DW

Channel crossings: UK and France ‘seek to completely cut’ migrant boat route

Britain and France have agreed to strengthen efforts to stop migrants from crossing the English Channel in small boats. The UK wants more action taken to prevent migrant Channel crossings and has said it is considering possible changes to asylum laws.

Source: Euronews

Poland threatens to challenge EU funding block in LGBT+ row

Poland warned it could mount a legal challenge to the European Union’s decision to withhold funding to towns accused of setting up so-called LGBT-free zones, in an escalation of a growing row over the issue. EU rejected last month six town twinning applications from Polish authorities that passed motions rejecting what they call “LGBT ideology” or defending traditional family values.

Source: Reuters

Romania ‘overpaid €356 million restitution’ for communist-seized properties

Romania overpaid at least 356 million euros in just four years in restitution for property confiscated during the Communist era as a result of corrupt schemes to defraud the state, the authorities said.

Source: Balkan Insight


Portuguese children sue 33 countries over climate change at European court

Young activists from Portugal have filed the first climate change case at the European court of human rights in Strasbourg, demanding 33 countries make more ambitious emissions cuts to safeguard their future physical and mental wellbeing.

Source: The Guardian

Germany begins allocating €40 billion to coal regions to start phase-out

By 2038, Germany’s last coal-fired power plants are expected to be shut down. To reorient the regions economically, however, they are to be replaced by research institutions and companies. A coordination committee will now begin allocating the funding.

Source: Euroactive

Netherlands wants to punish silence on sex abuse in closed communities

The Dutch government wants to prosecute members of private groups and communities who fail to report sexual abuse in their organisations, a move that comes after Jehovah’s Witnesses rejected demands to tackle the under-reporting of abuse.

Source: Reuters

Norwegian news agency fights Russia blackout

A story about a gay man who beat depression has seen a Norwegian news website taken offline for well over a year in Russia. The Norwegians and a Russian NGO are fighting the blockade in court, but they face an uphill struggle, as the differences between Europe and the Russian regime deepen.

Source: EUobserver