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Italian far-right leader Matteo Salvini in court over migrant detention claims

Italy's far-right chief Matteo Salvini appears in court for allegedly illegally detaining migrants at sea. Prosecutors accuse Salvini of abusing his powers as then-interior minister to block 116 migrants from disembarking from the coastguard boat last year, under his so-called "closed ports" policy.

Source: Euronews


Germany to set out homeworking rights in weeks

Germany is to press ahead with strategies to offer staff members the legal right to work from house, the nation’s labour minister has stated, as the coronavirus pandemic triggers federal governments to think about significant reforms in the world of work.

Source: Reporter


Macron outlines new law to prevent Islamic ‘separatism’ in France

Emmanuel Macron has announced a law against religious “separatism” aimed at freeing Islam in France from “foreign influences”. The French president outlined new measures to “defend the republic and its values and ensure it respects its promises of equality and emancipation”.

Source: The Guardian


Spanish government wants to repeal parental consent rule for abortions

Spain's government has revealed it's planning to repeal a reform on an abortion law that currently requires girls of certain ages to get parental consent before terminating their pregnancy.

Source: Euronews


Neo-Nazi guilty verdicts in Greece hailed as victory for democracy

Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party guilty of running a criminal organisation, bringing to a close what is widely considered the most important political trial in the country in decades.

Source: Balkan Insight


European Parliament calls for ban on unpaid internships

With youth unemployment on the rise across the EU, and aggravated further by the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, EU lawmakers called upon the European Commission and member states to increase their support for young people in precarious working conditions.

Source: Euractive


EU reportedly agrees to sanction nine senior Russian officials in response to Alexey Navalny’s poisoning

Sources familiar with the EU negotiations told the newspaper Le Monde that the sanctions will target nine Russian nationals, all either members of the Putin administration or high-ranking state security officials.

Source: DW


Polish farmers tie up roads to protest animal protection law

Farmers across Poland slowed down traffic on main roads with their tractors and left wheelbarrows of manure at lawmakers’ offices to protest a new law that bans fur farms and religious slaughter for export.

Source: Apnews


EU lawmakers vote to exclude fossil fuels from EU recovery fund

The environment committee in the European Parliament voted on to exclude fossil fuels from support under the EU’s €750 billion recovery fund intended to boost the bloc’s economy in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Source: Euractiv