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Russia mulling over the ban on the spread of false information about HIV

The Ministry of Health introduced to the government a bill banning the dissemination of false information about HIV. False information includes denying the existence of HIV infection, denying the connection between HIV and the development of AIDS, as well as denying the effectiveness of HIV treatment, diagnosis, and prevention methods.
Source: Meduza

Czech taxpayers should return EU subsidies

The European Commission has determined that the Czech Republic must return hundreds of millions of crowns in EU subsidies as Prime Minister Andrej Babiš did not sufficiently separate himself from holdings that received the funds.
Source: Euraktiv

EU extends sanctions on Russia until mid-2020

EU leaders agreed to extend economic sanctions against Russia for another six months. The sanctions were first implemented in 2014 after Moscow annexed Ukraine's Crimea. The EU's restrictions target Russia's energy, financial and arms sectors.
Source: EUObserver

Russian Constitutional Court affirms that children of Soviet repression victims have the right to receive housing in their parents’ cities

Russia’s Constitutional Court has affirmed that rehabilitated victims of political repressions, as well as any children born in the Gulag system or in exile, have the right to receive housing in the cities where their families lived at the time of the repression.
Source: Meduza


In France, dying at home can mean a long wait for a doctor

It is illegal in France to move a body without a death certificate, which only a doctor can sign. But a doctor can be hard to find.

Source: The New York Times


No EU funds for Poland if climate goals aren’t agreed

Poland would not be eligible for EU funds available under the European Green Deal if it does not sign up to the EU’s climate objectives, French President Emmanuel Macron warned at the closure of an EU summit.

Source: Euractiv


Greece says Libya-Turkish deal invalid, in bad faith

Greece has lodged objections to the United Nations over an accord between Libya and Turkey mapping out maritime boundaries as a violation of international law, the Greek government said.

Source: Reuters


Catalan separatist politicians win new EU legal victory

The European Union’s top court overturned a decision preventing fugitive former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont from taking a seat in the European Parliament, in a fresh legal victory for secessionist politicians from the Spanish region.

Source: AP


Romanian court upholds acquittal of UK trafficking suspects

A Romanian court has upheld the acquittals of 25 men accused of running a major child-trafficking operation. The men were arrested in 2010 as part of a large joint operation with British police where children were rescued in London raids.

Source: BBC