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EU executive will sue Hungary over anti-LGBT law

Hungarian law discriminates against people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity That case relates to a law Hungary enacted last year banning the use of materials seen as promoting homosexuality and gender change in schools.

Source: Reuters


EU gives Croatia final green light to adopt euro in 2023

The country will join 19 other EU member states that use the currency. To adopt the euro, Croatia had to fulfill the criteria of price and exchange rate stability, sound public finances, and moderate long-term interest rates, all measured against EU benchmarks.

Source: France24


EU says sanctioned Russian goods can transit Lithuania by rail to Kaliningrad

The European Commission said that Lithuania had to allow Russian goods to be transported from Russia to Kaliningrad through Lithuanian territory. Russia can continue rail transit of sanctioned goods as long as they don't serve military purposes.

Source: DW 


Spain rules Franco regime «illegal» in new memory law

The Spanish parliament has approved a new historical memory law that declares illegal the regime of former dictator General Francisco Franco and makes the central government responsible for the recovery of the bodies of people missing from the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship.

Source: Washington Post


Italy heads to an early election after Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s resignation

In Italy, Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned, and President Sergio Mattarella dissolved parliament. The Italian President signed a decree on holding early parliamentary elections on September 25.

Source: CNN


Kremlin to hold referendums in captured Ukrainian territories to join Russia

The Kremlin wants to organise elections for the lands it has annexed from Ukraine to become part of Russia in September. The international community is likely to reject any referendum as illegal, just as it was with the vote in Crimea in 2014.

Source: Bloomberg


Russia proposes banning any discussion of LGBT topics in the public sphere

Russian lawmakers have proposed extending a ban on promoting «non-traditional» sexual relationships to minors to include adults as well. The bill would ban public discussion of LGBTQ relationships in a positive or neutral light, and any LGBTQ content in cinemas.

Source: DW


EU opens accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia

Accession negotiations for North Macedonia and Albania started in what was described as a «historic moment» for the two Western Balkans countries and for the European Union. EU accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania have been pending since 2020. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the strategic importance of the Western Balkans to the EU has increased.

Source: Euronews


Members of European Parliament back deal on corporate sustainability reporting

The legal affairs committee backed a provisional deal on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. This directive will oblige businesses to report on environmental, social, and working standards and on human rights, anti-corruption, and bribery matters.

Source: EUobserver