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Suicides fall with gay marriage in Sweden and Denmark as stigma fades

The advent of gay marriage has cut suicide rates among lesbians and gay men in Sweden and Denmark. The researchers said reduced stigma for sexual minorities was likely driving the drop in deaths.
Source: Reuters

Generator of complaints to the ECHR created by Human rights defenders

The Russian human rights organization Memorial and “OVD-Info” have developed a system for automated filing of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights. With the help of the new program, everyone who has faced a violation of their rights will be able to create a complaint independently.
Source: Novaya Gazeta

Czech “People In Need” foundation declared “undesirable” in Russia

The Russian Justice ministry did not specify what the disaster relief, advocacy, and human rights group did to violate the “fundamental human rights and freedoms, the rights and freedoms of Russian Federation citizens."
Source: Radio Free Europe

France unveils new model of EU enlargement

Western Balkan countries should still become EU members, but via a new, gradual association method, France has said.
Source: EU Observer

Deportation of suspected IS fighters forces Germany to take action

Turkey will deport 10 men, women and children with suspected ties to "Islamic State" back to Germany this week. The move is making several countries address how to repatriate suspected terrorists and their families.
Source: Deutsche Welle

Far-right German lawmakers meet Assad representatives in Syria

Members of far-right populist party Alternative for Germany visited Syria to prove that the country is a "safe country of origin" for migrants. The anti-Islam party aims to prove that Syria is safe for migrants to be sent back to.
Source: Deutsche Welle

Northern Ireland facing millions in EU fines over environmental failures

The European Commission has begun proceedings against the UK over alarming 'infractions' of EU standards such as failures for shellfish waters to meet food hygiene regulations, breaches of air quality levels and failures to preserve wildlife and flora through special conservation areas.
Source: The Irish News

EU fails to agree on privacy rules for WhatsApp, Skype

The European Commission kicked off the process two years ago with its proposal for an ePrivacy regulation which would ensure that tech companies offering online messaging and email services would be subjected to the same tough rules as telecoms providers.
Source: Euraktiv

Poland elects controversial judges to constitutional court

Poland’s parliament elected three ruling party nominees as judges to the constitutional court, raising concerns about the court’s independence. The most disputed of the three judges is Stanislaw Piotrowicz, a former communist-era state prosecutor.
Source: The Washington Post