Yuliia Ostrovskaya

Yuliia Ostrovskaya is a lawyer and master of political science. She is a Programme Director at Center for Social and Labor Rights. Center for Social and Labor Rights (CSLR) is a Russian non-profit NGO for promotion, compliance and protection of social and labor rights. CSLR cooperate with Russian and international trade unions, different regional and local non-profit NGOs in many areas of Russia, government agencies, expert communities. She is also a member of the Board of Professional association, Non-profit Partnership “Lawyers for Labour Rights.”


ILO Convention on Combating Violence and Harassment at Work: History and Significance

In 2019, after many years of discussion, the ILO adopted the Convention on Combating Violence and Harassment at Work. Why is this document called historical in its meaning and expected legal consequences?

Dissolved for international solidarity

"Foreign agents" law now enforced against Russian trade unions.