Legal Dialogue Travel Grants Programme


The Call for Applications is closed. The new round will be announced in 2020.

Purpose of the programme

The Legal Dialogue Travel Grants programme offers financial assistance for the participation of legal experts from EU countries in conferences, seminars, round tables, court hearings or other relevant events held in Russia and vice versa. It is also possible to apply for financial support for study visits of organisations working in the legal field in Russia or the EU.

The grant covers (fully or partly) travel and accommodation costs, as well as justified additional expenses (e.g. registration fees for participation in events or fees to invited experts). An important condition for receiving a grant is writing an article for the Legal Dialogue Journal.

Please note: We can cover only travel expenses for travel from Russia to the EU or vice versa. Financial support cannot be provided for travel within the EU or the Russian Federation.

Programme runtime

The programme is running from 01 April until 31 December 2019. The funding is granted only for travel within the indicated period, it is not possible to apply for an event that takes place in 2020. You can also apply for co-funding for your travel to a thematically relevant event or for the invitation of an expert to your own event if the event has already taken place.

Eligible applicants

The EU-Russia Legal Dialogue Travel Grants Programme is open for legal experts working with civil society from Russia and the EU. Representatives of members and supporters of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum have priority in the selection procedure.

Three types of travel grants:
1. Participation in a thematic event
2. Invitation of an expert to your own event
3. Study visit for exchange of experience

You can apply for financial support of your travel to a thematically relevant event from Russia to the EU or from the EU to Russia or for inviting an external expert from Russia to the EU or from the EU to Russia to a thematic event your organisation is hosting. Interesting events can be found in the calendar of the Legal Dialogue Journal. There is also the possibility for civil society representatives from the EU to visit organisations working in the legal field in Russia and vice versa in the framework of a study visit. You will always need to explain how your participation, the participation of the expert or the study visit contribute to the strengthening of the legal dialogue between the civil societies and expert communities in Russia and the EU.

Scope of grant

The amount of support is flexible. It will depend on the concrete travel and accommodation costs as well as the overall funding context, e.g. the rules of the event’s organisers. The maximum of the funding is 850 euro. Co-financing efforts and cost efficiency are anticipated.

Application & selection procedure

Applications can be submitted only via the official online application form on this website (see below) until the officially announced deadline. An international independent jury will select the winners and the amount of funding according to the programme guidelines. All possible conflicts of interests shall be taken into consideration and avoided when selecting jury members. Conditions for funding are writing an article for the Legal Dialogue Journal after the event, in consultation with the editor and the editorial rules, as well as providing all necessary accounting documents in compliance with the agreed deadline. All information provided in the applications will be checked. Deception is a reason for disqualification. All winners of the competition will sign a contract on financial support with the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. Applicants who haven’t received a grant yet will have priority in the selection procedure.

Funding procedure

In general, post funding is the preferential form of funding. However, transferal of 70% is possible in advance. All documents necessary for the accounting will be listed in the contract on financial support. The second batch will be transferred only after receiving all documents necessary for the accounting, as well as the article in the agreed form. Post funding is also possible for events that took place before the deadline for applications, but not before 01 April 2019. These applications have to run through the same application and selection procedure (no guarantees for funding). Study visits can’t be considered for funding if they had taken place before the deadline for applications.

Links to the application forms

Additional information

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