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France cements abortion rights in its constitution

French lawmakers propose a bill enshrining abortion rights in France's constitution after the US Supreme Court revoked the nationwide legal protection for American women to terminate pregnancies.

Source: Euronews 


Amnesty International considers Aleksandra Skochilenko a prisoner of conscience

Russian artist Aleksandra Skochilenko was arrested after being accused of replacing price tags with anti-war information in a supermarket. She is charged with «disseminating knowingly false information about the use of the Russian Armed Forces». She faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. 

Source: Meduza


Human Rights groups call for probe after more than 20 migrants killed at Spanish enclave

About 2,000 migrants tried to breach the perimeter fence separating Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Melilla. More than 20 migrants were killed and dozens injured as a result of violent clashes with Moroccan police and Spanish security forces.

Source: Financial Times 


DFB regulates gaming law for trans and nonbinary people

German transgender footballers will be allowed to choose if they want to play against women's or men's teams as part of new regulations granted by the German Football Association. Officials will also be appointed to ensure that there is no discrimination against athletes.

Source: Spiegel


EU Council grants membership status to Ukraine and Moldova

Ukraine and Moldova are now candidate countries for EU Membership. Georgia will have its status as a candidate country once the priorities mentioned in the Commission’s opinion are resolved and addressed.

Source: Schengenvisainfo


Dutch government apologises to Srebrenica veterans

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has apologised to hundreds of ex-soldiers sent to defend Srebrenica during the Bosnian War. Previously, Dutch governments have insisted fault lay with the UN for failing to provide air support.

Source: Euobserver 


Germany takes first step towards legalising recreational cannabis

The German government is setting in motion plans to legalise the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes, aiming to have legislation ready later this year. The pledge to legalise controlled sales of cannabis to adults in licensed shops is one of the reforms outlined in the coalition deal between the three socially liberal parties.

Source: DW 


EU restarts legal action against UK in clash on Brexit Bill

The European Union announced that it will relaunch legal action against the UK over a draft law that would override parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol. The current bill will mean a unilateral violation of the Brexit agreement signed in 2020.

Source: Bloomberg


The European Commission has backed Ukraine and Moldova to become candidates for EU membership

The European Commission presented its opinions on the application for EU membership submitted by Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova. The Commission recommends that Ukraine and Moldova be given the perspective to become a member. However, it recommended deferring Georgia’s candidacy.

Source: Euronews 


ECHR: Russia’s ‘foreign agents’ law violates human rights convention

The ECHR ruled that the law violates freedom of assembly and association (Article 11 of the European Convention) in the case of 73 groups designated as foreign agents including Memorial and Agora. The court ordered Russia to pay the applicants a total of 1.02 million euros in damages.

Source: Meduza


Stricter gun laws for Germany

The German government is planning to make background checks for potential gun owners tighter in an attempt to prevent political extremists and the psychologically disturbed from buying guns. But there are concerns that the authorities are not sufficiently equipped to carry out such controls.

Source: DW


Spain has introduced a new draft law aimed to abolish prostitution

The proposed legislation will punish those who financially exploit prostitutes, pay for their services, or knowingly provide premises for the practice of prostitution. The proposal has sparked intense debate in the local women's rights movement.

Source: Reuters