Seminar „Online Hate Speech: Legal Responses“


Academy of European Law – ERA




12 Dec 2019 - 13 Dec 2019


EUR 531 (by 12 November) / EUR 590 (after 12 November). Discounts available.

Seminar „Online Hate Speech: Legal Responses“

The objective of this seminar is to explore hate speech in social media and how to combat it effectively whilst respecting other fundamental rights.

Following key topics will be discussed:

  • Hate speech regulation and case law developments at international level
  • Assessment of harmful content
  • Clarity and foreseeability of hate speech legislation
  • Accountability for interpreting hate speech law
  • Balancing freedom of expression against other human rights
  • Political discourse v. hate speech
  • Liability exception regime under the e-Commerce Directive
  • Effective remedies and format of complaint procedures
  • Obtaining evidence after content removal
  • The role of trusted flaggers
  • Use of artificial intelligence in tackling hate speech

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