Current Reflections on EU Gender Equality Law




19 Oct 2020 - 20 Nov 2020


All of the day


711 EUR

Current Reflections on EU Gender Equality Law


The aim of this annual conference is to provide legal practitioners with an update on recent developments in the EU legal migration system and the mechanisms put in place to tackle labour and skills shortages and to reinforce the attractiveness of the EU for key workers. It will give them with the opportunity to discuss current legal reforms with highlevel experts in the field.

Key topics

  • Priorities in current EU legal migration law
  • Amended Visa Code: Regulation (UE) 2019/1155
  • Family reunification
  • Recent CJEU jurisprudence
  • New German migration package
  • Mobility rights for third country nationals under the EU’s migration directives: intracorporate transferees and posted workers
  • Investor citizenship and residence schemes in the European Union
  • Business and immigration in the post-Brexit era

Who should attend?

In-house counsel, HR managers, lawyers working in the field of immigration, EU and ministry officials.


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