2018 Annual Conference: Leading Legal Excellence


Law Society of Scotland


United Kingdom

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26 Oct 2018

2018 Annual Conference: Leading Legal Excellence

Ever since May Donoghue ordered a ginger beer float at the Wellmeadow Café in Paisley in 1928, Scots law has been informing legal discourse throughout the world. 90 years later, our legal system continues to be an exemplar abroad and a badge of pride at home.

Today’s world is however in a period of almost unrecognisable change and transition. Political, economic and constitutional uncertainty have characterised recent years. Challenges – ranging from navigating Brexit and globalisation; mergers and collapses; agile working; the opportunities of technological change and the risk of cyber-attacks – define the landscape in which we now operate. Closer to home, the Review of the Regulation of Legal Services, the 4th AML directive, and the GDPR also directly impact on our legal and business environment.

So how should the Scottish legal profession to respond to these changes and challenges?

At a time when our profession, our organisations and our clients are becoming more diverse, how do we continue to increase the profession’s dynamism and strength?

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