UK to begin crackdown on human rights abusers

Britain is preparing to activate a new post-Brexit sanctions regime, with foreign secretary Dominic Raab planning to freeze the assets of Russian citizens and those of other countries deemed responsible for human rights abuses.

Source: Financial Times


Belgian doctors face trial in country’s first euthanasia case

Three Belgian doctors go on trial for murder for helping a woman end her life, in the country’s first criminal case concerning euthanasia.

Source: Reuters


In Germany, businessman was convicted of supplying materials for missiles production to Russia

A court in Hamburg sentenced a 69-year-old entrepreneur to seven years in prison for supplies of materials for the production of missiles bypassing EU sanctions against Russia.

Source: Vedomosti


Half a year later, police officers who arrested journalist Ivan Golunov face criminal charges

Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case against the police officers who arrested Russian journalist Ivan Golunov. Golunov was arrested on June 6, 2019, when he said police planted drugs on him and framed him for intent to distribute.

Source: Meduza


Is Germany Encouraging Migrants in Skilled Labour?

On 1 March 2020, a new Skilled Immigration Act will come into force in Germany. This law, like other, has contributed to migration intentions in Eastern Europe. However, a careful study of the changes introduced by the new law reveals that not all dreams of easy immigration and getting employment in Germany will come true. Who will find it easier to immigrate and find employment in Germany? What are the requirements set forth in the new law on immigration of skilled workers? These are just the questions we set out to answer.

EU launches “fair minimum wage” initiative

The EU Commission has started talks with businesses and trade unions to ensure a fair minimum wage for all EU workers. However, the body said that they are not aiming to set up a "one-size-fits-all" system.

Source: Deutsche Welle


Lithuania discriminated against gay couple – ECHR

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Lithuania's law enforcement authorities discriminated against a gay couple when they refused to investigate hate speech on social media.

Source: LRT


Top Russian university moves to ban political speech

One of Russia’s elite universities is considering banning its students and faculty from exercising political speech in the wake of high-profile scandals involving free speech last year, according to its newly proposed rules.

Source: The Moscow Times


Gibraltar eyes joining Schengen to ease post-Brexit border fears

Gibraltar is considering becoming part of the Schengen zone as a way of ensuring fluidity of movement on its border with Spain after Britain leaves the European Union, its Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has said.

Source: EUractiv.com