Germany makes citizenship easier for descendants of refugees from Nazis

Germany enforced two decrees to make it easier for people, mainly Jews, who fled the Nazi regime because of persecution as well as their descendents to have their citizenship restored, the interior ministry said.
Source: reuters.com

European rights court rules against Russia on Magnitsky death

The ECHR has ruled that Russia violated multiple rights of Sergei Magnitsky — an auditor who died a decade ago while in pretrial detention. The court said the poor medical care he received led to his death.
Source: dw.com

France gets tough on domestic violence

The French government announced plans to create 1,000 new places in shelters for the victims of domestic violence as outrage grows over the number of women killed by a current or former partner.
Source: AFP.com

Russia and Ukraine exchange prisoners

A major prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine took place on 7 September. It freed 35 people detained in each country.
Source: Meduza

Bosnians march in first Gay Pride under tight police protection

Bosnia is the last Balkan country to hold a Pride parade, seen as a test of tolerance of minority rights as it seeks to join the European Union.
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

The European Commission presented the plans of the EU’s new rule of law mechanism

In the new package, the Commission proposes the annual screening of member states, with serious legal and financial consequences. The package was proposed in response to autocratic tendencies in Poland and Hungary and needs approval at the European Parliament and EU member states.
Source: Euronews

Successful tax policy revealed the true extent of wealth inequality in Spain

Part of the reason why the super-rich population has grown so much is that in 2012 the Mariano Rajoy government introduced a tax amnesty that uncovered €40bn in undeclared wealth.
Source: New Europe

Danish mayors call for scrapping of citizenship handshake law

A law requiring newly-nationalized Danes to shake hands with a representative at their citizenship ceremonies should be scrapped, say a number of Social Democratic mayors prior to the party’s upcoming national congress.
Source: thelocal.dk

Estonia mulling over lifting visa freedom to Ukrainians

Estonia’s hard-line interior minister has ordered a legal investigation into whether the Baltic nation could unilaterally remove the visa-free entry granted Ukrainian nationals by the European Union.
Source: apnews.com