Romania Has Made ‘Very Little Progress’ to Prevent Corruption

According to the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), Romania had only fully complied with just over a quarter of the recommendations issued in two previous reports of GRECO, the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body.
Source: euronews.com


Italy’s Salvini Shuts Europe’s One-time Largest Migrant Centre

A migrant centre on the Italian island of Sicily which had been one of the largest of its kind in Europe has been officially shut down.
Source: bbc.com


Garbage Winds Getting Stronger

Why a garbage crisis has struck Russia and what has been the role of the new waste management reform, why the Soviet system of waste collection and recycling collapsed and how residents of Arkhangelsk and other Russian regions are fighting for their environmental rights—this and more in an interview with lawyer Pavel Moiseev, Head of the Legal Department at the Bellona Environmental Rights Centre.

Dutch Top Court Rules Netherlands Partially Responsible for Deaths of Muslim Men in Srebrenica

The Dutch Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Netherlands is partially responsible for the July 1995 deaths of more than 300 Muslims in Srebrenica but lowered the number of damages the state will have to pay to the victim's families.
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LGBTQ Activist Killed in St Petersburg

Yelena Grigoryeva, an activist for the St. Petersburg-based Alliance of Heterosexuals and LGBT People for Equal Rights, was killed on the evening of July 21. According to human rights activist Dinar Idrisov and the Russian LGBT Network, Grigoryeva had received multiple death threats both on- and offline.
Source: meduza.io


British Journalists Slam Use of ‘Intimidating’ Lawsuits

Press freedom advocates have called for more safeguards from legal attempts to silence journalists. Without them, such lawsuits will continue to pose "a threat to media freedom and public interest advocacy."
Source: dw.com


20,000 People Demand Free Moscow Elections in Largest Russian Protest in Years

More than 22,000 protesters gathered in Moscow on Saturday against the exclusion of opposition candidates from the ballot for city elections in September. This is the largest demonstration in Russia in recent years.
Source: themoscowtimes.com


Electronic Visas Introduced for Foreigners Coming to St. Petersburg

Travellers to Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in Russia would be able to obtain E-visas for free. The regime will be in force from October 1, 2019.
Source: tass.com


Hungary Offers €30,000 to Married Couples Who Can Produce Three Children

The Hungarian government is offering married couples a 10 million-forint (around €30,590) loan, which they do not have to pay back if they have three children. Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his right-wing Fidesz party want to encourage population growth via families rather than mass immigration.
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