Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia does not support legislation to ban fake news and posts insulting the state

Prosecutor General's Office of Russia, as well as the Russian Federal Media Regulator (Roskomnadzor), and the Russian Justice Ministry do not support the ban on fake news and “indecent” posts about the about the state authority.
Source: meduza.io

Rome: citizens’ income and pension reform approved

Italy's government approved the implementation of two central election promises: the citizens' income, a scheme that could benefit millions of people. And a pension reform that could lower the age of retirement for around 350,000 Italians. The Italian press is sceptical.
Source: eurotopics.net

Finland discussing abuse and migration

Several cases of sexual abuse of children by refugees or asylum seekers in Finland have led to heated disputes in Finland about migration and criminal law. The parliament decided to raise the maximum punishment for the sexual abuse of children from four to six years.
Source: eurotopics.net

State Duma refuses to resume cooperation with PACE, increasing chances that Russia could leave the Council of Europe

Federal lawmakers in Russia say they are opposed to sending a delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) for this year’s Winter Session in Strasbourg, rejecting an invitation from General Secretary Wojciech Sawicki.
Source:  meduza.io

EU suggests majority vote on digital tax by 2025

The EU Commission proposed on Tuesday (15 January) to extend majority voting to all EU tax policies by the end of 2025 - a highly-sensitive issue, as member states guard their tax policies fiercely.
Source: euobserver.com

Russian Ministry of Justice proposed to collect information on NGOs with no legal entity

Russian Ministry of Justice has drafted new amendments to the law “On Public Associations”, which is to help to systemize information about non-profit organizations with no legal entity. The draft of the proposal is not yet published, but a short notice on its development.
Source: meduza.io

Ballot Selfies and Freedom of Expression: European Court of Human Rights Approach

The Legal Dialogue Grant Programme has made it possible for Russian lawyers Yana Zagorskaya and Artyom Lapov to attend a hearing at the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. The Grand Chamber deliberated whether taking and sharing photographs of one’s ballot paper was acceptable and whether it could affect the electoral process.

Czech Republic to tax restituted church property

The Czech government has complied with a motion brought by the Communist Party and revoked a law regulating the return of church property that was nationalised during the communist era. The country's churches are now to pay taxes on the financial compensation they receive. Czech commentators are nonplussed.
Source: eurotopics.net

Greece lawmakers approve deal to rename Macedonia

The Greek Parliament voted 153-146 Friday to ratify an agreement to rename Macedonia. The approval renames Greece’s northern neighbor the “Republic of North Macedonia,” and essentially clears a path for the country to join NATO, and possibly the EU.
Source:  jurist.org