Should Estonians with two passports give up one?

A court in Tallinn has ruled that a woman must choose between her Estonian and Russian passport, prompting many Estonians to fear that this will set a precedent and put an end to current practice. Although dual citizenship is banned by law, authorities have turned a blind eye up to now. People who could potentially be affected air their opinions and experiences.
Source: eurotopics.net

EU votes to ban throwaway plastics by 2021

The EU Parliament voted on Wednesday in favour of banning throwaway plastic products. Prior to the vote researchers announced that they have detected plastic particles in human stool for the first time and now assume that there are no more plastic-free areas on the planet. But not all commentators are convinced that the decision passed by the MEPs will solve the problem.
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Freedom of speech in Lithuania: Is it really under attack?

The Government has taken several steps that pose a threat to the freedom of media in Lithuania. Even though the political leadership has not implemented all of their suggestions, the lack of respect to journalists and the public’s right to know raises many doubts about whether the pressure on the media will ever let up.

Austria rejects UN migration pact

Vienna has refused to sign the UN migration pact that its own diplomats helped negotiate. The US, Hungary and Australia had already announced their rejection of the pact. Politicians fear that other European countries may follow suit. The accord, which is not legally binding, is to be presented for approval in December. Critics frown on Vienna's decision.
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Germany court rules wife of mother not automatically child’s legal parent

The German Federal Court of Justice ruled in a judgment published Tuesday that the wife of a mother is not automatically deemed the legal co-parent of a newborn child, finding that the paternity law of the German Civil Code only applies to male-female couples. Source: jurist.org

New restraint law is a fitting legacy for Seni Lewis

This legislation will help ensure mental health units are the caring, therapeutic environments they should be for all patients.
Source: theguardian.com

Russian activist files first-ever lawsuit against Vkontakte for sharing user data with the police

Liliya Chanysheva, an activist who works at Alexey Navalny’s headquarters in St. Petersburg is suing the social network Vkontakte for disclosing users’ personal information to Russian law enforcement.
Source:  meduza.io

German consumer group files class action suit against VW

German consumer organization VZBV has filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen on behalf of drivers over emissions cheating. Suit takes advantage of new law that allows such US-style joint cases.
Source: politico.eu

UN rights experts welcome Spain court ruling for domestic violence victim

Experts of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) on Thursday said that a Spanish Supreme Court case set milestone in international human rights law.
Source: jurist.org