The referendum in Ireland is going to exclude the notion of blasphemy from the Constitution

The Government of Ireland announced that in October 2018, at the same time as the presidential elections, a nationwide referendum will be held to remove the concept of blasphemy from the country's Constitution. It is fixed in the document for over eighty years, and is supported by an article punishing up to 25 thousand euros. As of now, no one has been condemned for it.
Source: meduza.io

Spanish PM to return free healthcare to irregular immigrants

The Government of Pedro Sánchez wants to come back to the situation of 2012, when all residents in Spain had the right to free public healthcare. From that year immigrants without documents were excluded from the ordinary healthcare system.
Source: elpais.com

Refugee stands trial in Germany over alleged murder of teen

Fifteen-year-old Mia was stabbed to death in the southwestern town of Kandel last December. Her ex-boyfriend, a refugee, has been charged with her murder, triggering a series of anti-migrant protests.
Source: dw.com

The upskirting victim campaigning to change the law

Gina Martin campaigned for the law to be changed after two men took a picture up her skirt at a festival. But one Conservative MP has blocked the attempt to make upskirting a criminal offence in England and Wales.
Source: bbc.com

“The Sofia Declaration”: Transborder Corruption Investigations and Collaboration with European Prosecutors

Most corruption investigations that require exchange of international legal assistance between countries fail or take decades. NGOs and prosecutors discussed reasons and solutions for such situations.

In Russia one day in pretrial custody will equal one and a half days in penal colony

The State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill that equates one day in pretrial custody for one and a half days in a standard regime penal colony and two days in a penal settlement. Amendments were made to article 72 of the Criminal Code.
Source: meduza.io

Hungary combats refugee helpers with new law

With immediate effect people in Hungary can be sent to prison if they "assist illegal migration" by, for example, helping migrants who do not have refugee status to apply for asylum. In addition, a constitutional amendment stipulating that in future no "foreign populations" should be allowed to settle in Hungary was passed with only five votes against.
Source: eurotopics.net

Poland makes partial U-turn on Holocaust law after Israel row

Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda, has signed a legal amendment to decriminalise the false attribution to Poland and Poles of crimes committed by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, signalling a partial retreat on contentious legislation enacted this year.
Source: theguardian.com

Spain debates euthanasia

The Spanish Congress has agreed to consider a bill in favour of an individual's right to euthanasia. Under current legislation both assisted suicide and active euthanasia are punishable with up to six years in prison.
Source: eurotopics.net