POLITICO: Europe can save Poland from darkness

The independence of Poland’s Supreme Court — and its entire judicial system — is at stake. Polish civic society, opposition politicians and independent judges are doing what they can to resist. But the EU must intervene in their defense, before it is too late.
Source: politico.eu

UN urges France to take effective measures to bring water and sanitation services to migrants

Estimated 900 migrants and asylum-seekers in Calais, 350 in Grande-Synthe, and an unidentified number at other sites elsewhere along the northern French coast are living without adequate emergency shelter and proper access to drinking water, toilets or washing facilities.
Source: ohchr.org

Helen Darbishire: “Right of access to information is one of the instruments to defend democracy”

Access Info Europe defends and promotes the right to know on the European continent. We met with them in Madrid to find out what has changed in field of access to information since 2006.

Ex-Auschwitz SS guard charged in Germany

German prosecutors have charged a 94-year-old former SS guard with aiding and abetting mass murder at the Nazis' Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.
Source: bbc.com

Belfast council passes abortion pills motion against prosecutions

The motion denounced cases such as the one involving a mother who obtained abortion pills for her 15-year-old daughter after her child was raped. The mother faces prosecution in a court case in Belfast next month.
Source: theguardian.com

ECJ upholds young refugees’ right to family reunification

Refugees who request family reunification must be treated as minors even if they turn 18 during asylum process.
Source: politico.eu

Norway introduces DNA tests to halt family immigration cheating

The government proposed amendments to the Children’s and Citizenship Acts. The changes are designed to prevent cheating with family immigration.
Source: norwaytoday.info

Roskomnadzor put Telegram in banned websites list

The court has decided that Telegram as the organizer of information dissemination on the Internet is obliged to provide the FSB with the data necessary for decoding messages of its users.
Source: bbc.com

The Blacklist

The Russian State Duma aims at to block websites containing false and defamatory information. Human rights defenders warn that its initiative could become an instrument of censorship.