Ukraine prepares war crimes charges against Russian military personnel

Three Russian pilots suspected of bombing civilian buildings in the Kharkiv and Sumy regions are among at least seven Russian military personnel that Kyiv is preparing war crimes charges against.

Source: Reuters


Denmark accused of racism after anti-ghetto law adapted for Ukrainians

Denmark is facing fresh claims of racism after MPs changed the country’s controversial anti-ghetto law to allow Ukrainian refugees to move into social housing emptied of “non-westerners”.

Source: The Guardian


Congress clears bill to allow lending arms to Ukraine

The House overwhelmingly passed legislation that would allow President Biden to use a World War II-era law to quickly supply weapons to Ukraine on loan, sending the measure to Mr. Biden’s desk hours after he urged Congress to approve tens of billions of dollars’ worth of additional emergency aid for Kyiv.

Source: The New York Times


Moscow takes action against “foreign influence”

If adopted, a new law on foreign agents will allow Russian authorities to punish anyone that nurses contact with foreigners. According to the State Duma, the bill is designed to “enhance protection of national interests and security, and the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Source: The Barents Observer


EU triggers rule of law procedure against Hungary

The EU has officially launched its rule-of-law mechanism against the Hungarian government, after the EU Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen slammed "corruption" in the EU country. The legal tool, which has never been used before, could see Hungary stripped of its EU funding for breaching the bloc's democratic standards.

Source: DW


“Threat to life is often underestimated in a situation of violence”. Interview with Anastasia Maskaeva, Crisis Centre for Women

“INGI. Crisis Centre for Women,” an NGO that has been active in St. Petersburg for 30 years offering assistance to women affected by various types of gender-based violence. In her interview with Legal Dialogue, the Centre's psychologist Anastasia Maskaeva speaks about their clients' most common problems and concerns, the importance of providing “one-stop-shop” assistance, and why helping the victim is more essential than punishing the abuser.

Three mercenaries were sentenced to death in the DPR

The Supreme Court of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic sentenced to death two Britons and a Moroccan for fighting for Ukraine. All three were charged as working as foreign mercenaries. The death penalty must be carried out by a firing squad. The fighters have 30 days to appeal.

Source: Meduza


The Russian State Duma proposed to repeal Lithuania’s independence

The draft bill claiming the Baltic republic illegally left the Soviet Union was submitted by lawmaker Yevgeny Fedorov. According to him, this will allow to challenge the country's membership in NATO.

Source: Newsweek


Finland plans to build barriers on its eastern frontier with Russia

Finland's government intends to strengthen the country's security. The construction of barriers will allow making amendments to border legislation of Finland to allow strengthen preparedness against hybrid threats amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Source: Reuters