European Parliament sues European Commission for not using new rule-of-law power

The European Parliament formally submitted a lawsuit against the European Commission over its failure to trigger a new power to cut funding to countries such as Poland and Hungary, which have sparred with Brussels over democratic backsliding allegations.

Source: Politico


Russian officials refuse to register independent news outlet due to founder’s ‘foreign agent’ status

Russia’s federal media regulator, Roskomnadzor, has refused to register the website Gubernia Media as a news outlet on the grounds that its editor-in-chief, Denis Kamalyagin, has been designated as “foreign agent.”

Source: Meduza


Ukrainian President signs ‘anti-oligarch law’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has signed into law a bill intended to curb the political influence of the country's oligarchs. Passed by parliament, the legislation introduces a legal definition for an oligarch, creates a register of tycoons, and requires officials to declare contacts with oligarchs or their representatives.

Source: Radio Free Europe


UK stop-and-search data ‘withheld to hide rise in discrimination’

The Home Office has failed to release its annual stop-and-search data, prompting concern that the figures will reveal a further increase to disproportionate targeting of black people. Campaigners said the withholding of key data appeared to be an attempt to avoid negative headlines while the Home Office’s two controversial legislative proposals – the policing bill and the borders bill – pass through parliament.

Source: The Guardian


European Court of Human Rights will review Credit Suisse trespass case against climate activists

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) will review a conviction of several climate activists for protesting on Swiss bank Credit Suisse’s grounds. While the activists were initially acquitted, the Swiss appeal court reversed that decision, noting that the imminent dangers of climate change do not provide activists with the freedom to break laws. 

Source: Jurist


Italian senate approves law banning sexist and discriminatory adverts

The law, which forms part of a transport and infrastructure decree, bans adverts on streets and all forms of transport that are demeaning to women and perpetuate gender stereotypes as well as those considered harmful to civil and political rights or containing discriminatory messages against gay people, ethnic and religious groups or people with disabilities.

Source: The Guardian


“People here don’t understand that you can’t take a woman by force.” Why sex without consent is rape in Europe, but not in Russia

From an ethical, legal and social standpoint, sexual consent is a complex concept. It has no single definition, and taboos around talking about sex can make it difficult to discuss. Nevertheless, every year more and more countries are recognising sex without consent as rape.

Russia investigates complaint against Netflix over LGBT content

Russia is investigating a complaint against Netflix after the public commissioner for protecting families accused the streaming company of violating Russian law on "gay propaganda". The U.S. company could face a fine of up to 1 million roubles ($13,400) or a temporary suspension of its service if found to have violated the law.

Source: Reuters


World’s first trial for genocide against Yazidis set to conclude in Germany

A former IS member is the first alleged jihadist prosecuted for genocide against the Yazidis. Allegedly he enslaved a Yazidi girl and her mother in Iraq, then tortured and murdered the 5-year old child in 2015. If the court concludes that he has committed genocide, then it will be the first time that a court says that crimes against Yazidis by IS are genocide.

Source: Euronews