Repaying Historical Dues: Here Is Your European Passport

Today, a number of European states allow the descendants of people who fled their home countries in the 30-40s of the 20th century, or even in the 15th century, to restore their lost European citizenship. How do these legal initiatives work in practice? Can they remedy the injustices of the past?

Germany’s transgender law seen as ‘archaic, degrading’

Transgender people in Germany are subjected to a long, expensive assessment process to change their legal gender. A new self-determination law would reform this and activists say it's long overdue.

Source: DW


Relatives of Italian Сovid victims to file lawsuit against leading politicians

Relatives of coronavirus victims in Italy are taking legal action against the prime minister, health minister and the president of the Lombardy region for alleged criminal negligence over their handling of the pandemic.

Source: The Guardian


Romanian сourt scraps law banning gender studies

The Constitutional Court of Romania has annulled a law passed last June that banned discussion of any gender identity different to people’s biological sex in the country’s education system.

Source: Balkan Insight


Russia to revive sobering-up stations in 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that will revive sobering-up stations previously used to allow severely intoxicated people to recover from their inebriation.

Source: Euractiv


Turkey tightens control over NGOs to ‘combat terrorism’

As a consequence of the new bill being passed by parliament, the Turkish government will expand its control over civil-society groups on counter-terrorism grounds.

Source: DW


Brexit: implications for human rights in the UK

How are Brexit and human rights related? Simon Cosgrove, the Chair of the Trustees of "Rights in Russia", in his column reflects on how Britain's exit from the EU has impacted the present and future of human rights.

EU’s landmark climate law to be finalised within months

Portugal will use its six-month presidency of the European Union to finalise a landmark law containing the bloc’s emissions-cutting targets.

Source: Reuters


Pressure grows on Italy to abolish migrant quarantine ships

Rome is facing pressure to abolish its offshore quarantine system for migrants and refugees following a series of alarming incidents, including several deaths, over the past year. Italy has isolated thousands of asylum seekers on ferries over the course of the pandemic.

Source: Politico