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Legal Regulation and Management of Migration in the European Union (Part 1)

The current EU legislation on migration and asylum has been set out and interpreted in a number of legal documents. The existence of multiple […]

Climate Change Threats and Perceptions: Choice of Priorities and Role of NGOs

External threats and their perceptions tend to reflect differences between a society’s various segments and groups—which, in turn, stem from problems on local, regional […]

Telegram Besieged

A case initiated by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) against Telegram messenger last summer was the Russian authorities’ first demonstrative attack on digital […]

German court rejects extradition of former Catalan leader on rebellion charge

The court agreed to release Puigdemont on bail. The former Catalan leader was arrested last month on a Spanish-issued arrest warrant as he entered Germany.
Source: reuters.com

Italy migrant ship: Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to be investigated

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is reportedly being probed for his role in preventing migrants rescued at sea from disembarking in Sicily. Meanwhile, a deal has been reached to allow the migrants to leave the ship.
Source: dw.com

Berlin Cyclists Take Over Streets to Demand More Space for Bikes

Tens of thousands of cyclists have taken over the streets of Berlin as part of a campaign to make the city more bike-friendly.
Source: dw.com