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‘Torture’ in Criminal Law: Legal Norms and Standards of Judicial Review

Intentional excessive suffering which an individual experiences against their will and cannot independently stop… (a definition of ‘torture’) The epigraph above does not sound […]

Romanian Rules Regarding the Expulsion or Deportation of Foreign Offenders

*This text is an answer to the question from Valentin Gefter “How Does National and International Law Protect Foreign Offenders?” In the context of […]

“Today it’s about clothing size, but tomorrow, it could be eye and skin colour”

After winning a labour dispute with Aeroflot, flight attendant Evgeniya Magurina and her lawyer Ksenia Mikhailichenko of the Center for Social and Labor Rights […]

Client Earth: Protecting the Planet with Law

For nearly a decade, environmental NGO Client Earth has been using legal mechanisms to protect their only one but very important client—Planet Earth. Composed […]

We will not register as a foreign-funded organization

  Statement of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee1As agreed with the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, we are publishing, in English and Russian, the statement published on […]

Balázs Dénes: ‘We Would Like to See That the EU Wakes Up, Democracy Will Not Protect Itself’

In an interview for the Legal Dialogue, Balázs Dénes, executive director of the Civil Liberties Union for Europe, talks about the need for a […]

Elena Rodríguez: “There is no guarantee that funds will be used directly to support people”

Can you tell us about the Third Sector Platform [Spanish: Plataforma del Tercer Sector]? Are there differences between what is called “the third sector” […]

Malicious Intent

*This article is an updated version of the original piece published here on 20 July. A week later, the events unfolded in an unexpected […]

Vera Vrubel: “Here I Was, Mad as Hell”

Resident of St. Petersburg on Her Crusade against a Homophobic Entrepreneur Russian businessman German Sterligov is known for his ultra-Orthodox Christian views, among other […]

Judgment in the Luzgin Case and Its Implications for Freedom of Historical Discussion

A local court in Perm, Russia found Vladimir Luzgin guilty of “publicly denying the facts established by the International Military Tribunal for trial and […]

How Does National and International Law Protect Foreign Offenders?

While mindful of the challenges related to migration and asylum in Europe, one should not forget about yet another category of people who can […]

Right to Healthcare and Access to Medical Services for Asylum Seekers and Beneficiaries of International Protection in Poland

*This text is an answer to the question of Pascal Detzler “How is Healthcare for Asylum Seekers Regulated in the EU and in Russia?” […]

Denmark: no more divorce by mouse click

A law supported by all parties in parliament stipulates that as of April 2019 couples with children must go through a three-month reflection phase before a divorce is possible.

France, Germany under fire for failing to back ‘killer robots’ ban

France and Germany are pushing a compromise on the regulation of deadly weapons powered by artificial intelligence, angering activists who say Europe should be leading the charge for a ban.

The Russian State Duma to discuss another bill on the blocking the websites

On April 2, the State Duma introduced a bill that allows to block websites that publish information discrediting the honor and dignity of a person or the business reputation of the organization.

The Guardian view on the Worboys parole case: verdict on a system

UK high court ruled that the jailed serial sex attacker John Worboys must face a new Parole Board hearing on his application for release on licence.

Poland’s Government Devastates its Supreme Court

A new law in Poland threatening the independence of its Supreme Court took effect.

Dutch referendum: Spy tapping powers ‘rejected’

Voters in the Netherlands appear to have narrowly rejected new online data collection powers for intelligence agencies in a referendum.

The verdict to the Russian historian Yuri Dmitriev

The court declared the head of the Karelian "Memorial" not guilty under the article on the manufacture of pornography. For the possession of weapons his liberty was restricted.

German court rejects extradition of former Catalan leader on rebellion charge

The court agreed to release Puigdemont on bail. The former Catalan leader was arrested last month on a Spanish-issued arrest warrant as he entered Germany.

POLITICO: Europe can save Poland from darkness

The independence of Poland’s Supreme Court — and its entire judicial system — is at stake. Polish civic society, opposition politicians and independent judges are doing what they can to resist. But the EU must intervene in their defense, before it is too late.