Russia may be expelled from the Council of Europe in 2019

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, said that the organization might expel Russia from the member states if Moscow would not resume payments to its budget.
Source: vedomosti.ru  

Hungary banishes homeless from the streets

In Hungary a law came into force this week that bans homeless people from living on the street. The ban will affect around 30,000 people who don't have their own home and who now face prison sentences if they are caught living on the streets after several warnings by the police.
Source: eurotopics.net

EU top court demands Poland suspend judicial retirement age

The European Court of Justice ordered Poland to immediately suspend its lowering of the mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court judges.
Source: jurist.org

HRW criticizes new UK counter-terrorism bill

Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on the UK Monday to amend a new counter-terrorism bill, stating that the bill “excessively restrict[s] freedom of expression, freedom of movement, and privacy.”
Source:  jurist.org

Russian state duma approves introduction of penalties for abuse of the right to protest

Russian state duma passed the law on penalties for abuse of the right to protest in its third and final reading. Source: vedomosti.ru

Romania further restricts fight against corruption

Romania's government has issued an emergency ordinance that amends the already approved judicial reforms. This means that around 50 prosecutors will have to suspend their activities.
Source: eurotopics.net

Romanian government to dismiss Prosecutor General

The Romanian government wants to remove Prosecutor General Augustin Lazăr from office. Justice Minister Tudorel Toader accused him on Wednesday of abusing his powers. Lazăr is the last independent chief prosecutor of the three public prosecutors, after the other two were forced to leave office. President Klaus Iohannis has the last say. Would his dismissal be justified?
Source:  eurotopics.net

State Duma lawmakers draft legislation to ban foreign NGOs that meddle in Russian elections

State Duma lawmakers have drafted new legislation that would allow the federal government to outlaw any foreign NGOs that allegedly meddle in Russian elections.
Source: meduza.io

France niqab ban violates human rights: UN committee

The UN Human Rights Committee found Tuesday that French law n ° 2010-1192, which bans full-face coverings such as the niqab or burqa, violates human rights.
Source: jurist.org