Theresa Bender-Säbelkampf

Theresa Bender-Säbelkampf is an Austrian human rights professional and journalist. She holds a Master’s degree in translation studies for Italian and Russian from the University of Vienna and underwent academic studies in Russia and Italy. After working with Russia's leading human rights society "Memorial", she also received a European Master's in Human Rights and Democratization (E.MA) from the Global Campus in Venice. In her master thesis, she investigated the issue of domestic violence among IDPs from Eastern Ukraine and worked in Donbas. As a journalist, she works with human rights issues and reported from Eastern Ukraine and Lampedusa.


The Case of the Khachaturyan Sisters: A Turning Point in Russian Domestic Violence Law?

Russia still has no domestic violence legislation. Will the case of the Khachaturian sisters, three girls who have been subjected to abuse by their father for many years, become a turning point in the adoption of such a law?

Italian Immigration Policy, 2018–2019: From Odyssey to Safe Haven?

“We have just heard that we have been assigned a place of safety. We are now on our way to the island of Lampedusa in Italy”. This is the message by an aid worker of Médecins Sans Frontières sent out to 82 rescued Libyan refugees. The permission to land rings in a new beginning in Italian migration policy, which might have an effect on a broadly and long-discussed topic also on the European level.

Austria’s Going Backwards on Gender Equality

Since the swearing-in of the incumbent Austrian government in December 2017, journalists, feminists and representatives of women’s rights organisations all over the country regularly protest against the attempted changes made by the government in the country’s gender politics achieved during the last 50 years