Simon Cosgrove

Simon Cosgrove lives in Somerset in the United Kingdom and is chair of the trustees of Rights in Russia and a former member of the board of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. He is currently editor of the Rights in Russia website. Simon has many years’ experience working on grantmaking programmes supporting human rights organisations in Russia – first with the European Commission and then with the US-based MacArthur Foundation. He has also worked as a researcher for Amnesty International. Simon has a law degree and a PhD in Russian history and is the author of "Russian Nationalism and the Politics of Soviet Literature: the Case of Nash Sovremennik 1981-91" along with a number of articles and book reviews on Russian affairs. Earlier in his career Simon trained as a teacher and worked in secondary schools in London and rural Zimbabwe.


Brexit: implications for human rights in the UK

How are Brexit and human rights related? Simon Cosgrove, the Chair of the Trustees of "Rights in Russia", in his column reflects on how Britain's exit from the EU has impacted the present and future of human rights.