Mateusz Bajek

Mateusz Bajek holds a BA in East Slavic Studies and an MA in International Relations from the Warsaw University. He is professionally engaged in consulting, where he brings the Eastern and Central European markets closer to his clients. Since 2011, he has been engaged in international election observation, including observation within the framework of the OSCE mission. At the Foundation for Responsible Politics (Warsaw, Poland), Mateusz is responsible for projects focused on Russia, and also coordinates video monitoring projects for elections. In 2018-2019, he was a Head of the Observers in Action project, within the framework of the project, Polish video observers monitored the elections at more than 70 polling stations in four Russian regions. Mateusz is the author of articles on topics related to election fraud and observation and the main author of the first ever textbook on video monitoring of elections — "Introduction to the methodology of video observation during election day, based on the case study of Russian Presidential election."


Is the Impossible Possible? International Monitoring of Regional and Local Elections in the Russian Federation

In August 2019, several international organisations received a request to send observers to monitor elections in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But the attempt to involve international observers in these elections ended in failure: international observation of the nationwide single voting day on 8 September, 2019, was not implemented.