Dmitry Shevchenko

Deputy Coordinator and Board member of the Environmental Watch for North Caucasus since 2008; Board member of the Environmental Journalists Association, part of the Russia’s Union of Journalists, since 2009. Author of How to Organize and Implement an Environmental Campaign (published in 20111 by OXFAM); reports published by the Environmental Watch for North Caucasus: Kuban’ Delta: A Chronicle of a Manmade Disaster, Yasenskaya Spit: Saving the “Russian Bounty”, Sochi–2014: 10 Years Without Law. Building a Better World (in co-authorship with Suren Gazaryan), and other publications. Dmitry’s professional interests include environmental journalism, anti-corruption investigations, protecting environmental rights, civic education, etc.


From Caucasus to Bialowieza: Russian and Polish Civil Society Fighting for World Heritage

In July 2017, Krakow hosted the 41st session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. This year, the high-profile event was characterised, on one hand, […]