Bianca Constantin

Bianca cares deeply about empowerment, migration, diversity, and how urban planning can promote inclusion and economic development. Her proactive spirit pushed her into a series of initiatives as soon as she finished her studies in Law and Urban Planning, actively contributing to building a better world through advocacy and pro bono legal work, catering to a wide range of beneficiaries. She was part of a Konrad Adenauer Foundation leadership programme, and one of the co-founders of Refugees Welcome Romania. She also won and founded International Network on Legal Assistance to Refugees project. This past year, she became active in international schools and workshops on the themes of cities, migration, inclusion, and urban planning


Asylum Seekers’ Access to Healthcare. Romanian and EU reflections

*This text is an answer to the question of Pascal Detzler “How is Healthcare for Asylum Seekers Regulated in the EU and in Russia?” Introduction […]