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How Does National and International Law Protect Foreign Offenders?

While mindful of the challenges related to migration and asylum in Europe, one should not forget about yet another category of people who can […]

Right to Healthcare and Access to Medical Services for Asylum Seekers and Beneficiaries of International Protection in Poland

*This text is an answer to the question of Pascal Detzler “How is Healthcare for Asylum Seekers Regulated in the EU and in Russia?” […]

CeRe: Increasing Citizen Participation in Romania

The Resource Centre for Public Participation (CeRe) was founded in 2008, when nobody in Bucharest knew what civic participation was. Starting with door-knocking to […]

Three Organisations Associated with Mikhail Khodorkovsky Declared ‘Undesirable’ in Russia

The Russian Ministry of Justice has listed three groups associated with democracy activist Mikhail Khodorkovsky in its register of “undesirable organisations”1 the UK-based Open […]

Vigjilenca Abazi: “Whistleblowing is a Manifestation of Freedom of Expression”

Dr. Vigjilenca Abazi is an Assistant Professor of EU Law at Maastricht University and a Research Coordinator at the Centre for European Research in […]

German Law on Social Media May Threaten Freedom of Expression  

On the threshold of parliamentary elections Germany is pushing the legislation against hate speech and fake news on social media. According to the proposed […]

Asylum Seekers’ Access to Healthcare. Romanian and EU reflections

*This text is an answer to the question of Pascal Detzler “How is Healthcare for Asylum Seekers Regulated in the EU and in Russia?” Introduction […]

Life in Crimea: Political Repression, Militarisation, Lawlessness and Censorship

Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the peninsula has faced a difficult situation. Russian authorities have pursued a repressive policy against the locals: […]

Chechen Refugees in Europe: Reasons Why They Flee Russia and Asylum Problems  

On 6 September 2016, a branch of Human Constanta, a Belarus-based human rights group, was opened in Brest to help refugees, mostly from Chechnya, […]

Igor Kochetkov: “We Must Rescue All Those We Can Rescue and Help Them Leave Russia”

Igor Kochetkov, Russian LGBT-activist and chairman of the LGBT-Network, talks about the mass persecution of gay people in Chechnya, their possible evacuation from the […]

Carmen Pombo: “The Task Facing the Legal Community Today Is to Effect Change in the World”

The Fernando Pombo Foundation (Spain) in collaboration with the nation’s universities has launched an innovative multi-purpose project Multiplícate that seeks to involve law students […]

Ukrainian ‘Drug Couriers’ in Russian Prisons. Difficulties in Helping Victims of Human Trafficking

The activities of two criminal groups engaged in human trafficking were halted by the efforts of victims’ parents with the help of human and […]

Russian officials drafted legislation that would allow the police to access people’s geolocation data without judicial oversight

Federal officials in Russia want to jettison privacy protections that currently require law enforcement agencies to obtain a court order before accessing cell-phone users’ geolocation and billing data. This amendment could facilitate mass surveillance of citizens.

Source: Meduza


Spain considers making it easier to officially change gender

People in Spain wishing to change their official gender will no longer have to undergo medical and psychological exams or years of hormone treatment if a bill from the Equality Ministry is taken up by the government and becomes law.

Source: Reuters


Outrage over French girl’s rape case sparks demand for law to protect minors

Protests will take place across France in support of a woman allegedly raped by 20 firefighters when she was between 13 and 15 years old. Her case is being examined in the country’s highest court and campaigners hope it will lead to an age of sexual consent being enshrined in law as it is in the rest of the EU.

Source: The Guardian


Czech court opens way for smaller parties before October election

The Czech Republic’s Constitutional Court cancelled parts of the country’s election laws that favored bigger political parties, leaving lawmakers scrambling to agree amendments before a planned parliamentary election in October.

Source: Reuters


Russian human rights activists seek criminal case against police for violating coronavirus regulations

The Russian human rights organisation “Public Verdict” has asked state investigators to launch a criminal case against police officials for violating sanitary and epidemiological rules while detaining protesters amid the pro-Navalny rallies on January 23 and 31.

Source: Meduza


Top German court rules war crimes committed abroad can be tried in Germany

The Federal Court of Justice has ruled foreign soldiers are not protected from prosecution for war crimes in Germany. The ruling could have wide-ranging implications for ongoing war crimes trials in the country.

Source: DW


Tension grows in Austria over the deportation of three young girls to Georgia and Armenia

The Austrian government is being criticised for expelling the children, who are considered to be "well-integrated" into Austrian society, especially amid the coronavirus crisis.

Source: Euronews


Groups put French state on legal notice over police racism

Six non-governmental organisations put the French state on notice to force it to address “systemic discriminatory practices by the police”. They accused the government of neglecting its duty to end discriminatory police identity checks — a practice they said was “widespread, deeply rooted in the policing.”

Source: The New York Times


European Court to consider Navalny poisoning case against Russia

Navalny’s legal team argues Russia violated his right to life under the European Convention on Human Rights by refusing to open a criminal case into his poisoning with a nerve agent last August.