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Illegitimate children of Jews evicted by Nazis are German citizens, court rules

A U.S. woman born to a Jewish father stripped of his German citizenship by the Nazis in 1938 cannot be denied naturalisation for being an illegitimate child, Germany’s Constitutional Court has ruled.

Source: Reuters


The ECHR ordered Russia to pay 20 thousand euros to the victim of domestic violence and again demanded the adoption of laws to protect women

The ECHR underlines that Russia does not adopt laws to protect victims of domestic violence and is "reluctant to recognise the seriousness and scope of the problem" and "its discriminatory impact on women." According to the judges, the State has failed to create conditions that would allow women to live without fear and to count on protection.

Source: Mediazona


Malta’s abortion taboo leaves women in despair

Abortion is illegal in all circumstances in Malta, the only EU country that has a total ban on the procedure with no exceptions. Border closures have trapped women seeking safe terminations and exposed the plight of those who cannot afford to travel.

Source: The Guardian


Transgender couple in a state of uncertainty as Hungary bans changes to identity papers

Hungary last month banned people from changing their gender on identity documents. Because of this reason life for Hungarian transgender couples is put on hold.

Source: NYT


Russia clamps down on coronavirus ‘fake news’

After implementing strict lockdown measures, Russia has sought to keep information about the pandemic under tight control. The government coronavirus task force has a special “fake news” division, while the Investigative Committee tracks the coronavirus on messaging apps.

Source: FT


German far-right party wins case against interior minister

Germany's top court ruled that Interior Minister Horst Seehofer violated the rights of a far-right party by posting a critical interview on his ministry's website. In the interview published on the website, Seehofer accused the Alternative for Germany (AfD) of "undermining the state" and described the party's verbal attacks against the German president as "highly dangerous for our state".

Source: Politico


Dutch drink offenders to get ankle bracelet to keep them sober

People in the Netherlands convicted of crimes related to alcohol abuse will have to wear a special ankle bracelet to monitor their drinking habits once the government has passed the necessary legislation.

Source: Reuters


Russian court forcibly hospitalises Yakut shaman in psychiatric clinic

Alexander Gabyshev is a shaman from the Siberian city of Yakutsk, who is best known for making multiple attempts to travel on foot to Moscow with the intention of exorcising President Vladimir Putin.

Source: Meduza


French court approves transfer of Rwandan genocide suspect

A French court approved the extradition of Rwandan genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga to a United Nations tribunal. Kabuga was arrested in Paris after 25 years on the run. He was one of the most wanted fugitives in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

Source: AP News


Berlin passes first German state anti-discrimination law

The city-state's new law explicitly bars public authorities, including police, from discriminating based on skin color, gender and other factors. Lawmakers say the new rules help to address systemic racism in Germany.

Source: DW


Thousands of migrants face eviction in Greece sparking fears over homelessness

It comes after their right to stay in temporary accommodation expired. New law reduced the period they could be sheltered from six months to just one.

Source: Euronews


Finland’s finance minister steps down over training payments

Katri Kulmuni will step down as Finland’s finance minister but continue to lead her party after admitting that she had used taxpayers’ money to fund training on how to speak in public.

Source: Reuters