[:en]Yuliia [:ru]Юлия [:en]Schastlivtseva [:ru]Счастливцева

Yuliia Schastlivtseva

Yuliia Schastlivtseva is an independent journalist who writes on the legal issues. She obtained her philology degree from the Magnitogorsk State University and her Master’s law degree from the Higher School of Economics. She is the Moscow school of political studies graduate (2012). As a journalist she writes for the magazine “NZ: Debates on Politics and Culture”, and “Novaya Gazeta”. In 2015 she studied in the University of Oslo as an exchange student, attended courses “International Human Rights Law: Institutions and Procedures” and “International Criminal Justice and Mass Violence”. She took place in the training program “The Training Russian and CIS Activists in International Human Rights Law” by the Center for International Protection. Yuliya is a head of the NGO “L. Nikitinsky’s Centre for the legal initiatives”. She is a co-organizer of the “Reading Circle” online-initiative.