Polina Baigarova

Polina Baigarova is a coordinator of the "EU-Russia Legal Dialogue“ programme of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. Before that, she worked at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Research Division "Eastern Europe and Eurasia"), completed an internship at the European Parliament in Brussels, and participated in a number of research and social projects by various scientific institutions and nonprofit organisations in Germany. Polina studied communications, political science, sociology, and cultural studies at the Universities of Bremen and Erfurt.


Galina Arapova: “You get the uncomfortable feeling of trying to break a wall with your head…”

We interviewed Galina Arapova, head of the Russian NGO Mass Media Defense Centre, about the fight for freedom of expression in Russia today.
EPLN logo

European Prison Litigation Network: “Any advances in the law and legislation can be undermined and must be constantly monitored.”

We interviewed the leaders of the European Prison Litigation Network (EPLN), a leading organization that advocates for prisoners’ rights in broader Europe: Hugues de Suremain, lawyer, EPLN’s co-founder and legal coordinator, and Julia Krikorian, its coordinator of the development.