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Scotland becomes first nation in world to provide free period products

Scotland became the first nation in the world to make menstruation products such as tampons and pads free for those who cannot afford them.

Source: Euronews


Greece сommits to end “protective” child detention

In a huge victory for children’s rights, the Greek government is ending the long-standing practice of detaining unaccompanied migrant children in jail cells.

Source: HRW


State Duma lawmakers propose blocking websites accused of censoring Russian news media

A group of lawmakers from the Russian State Duma have proposed giving Russia’s state censorship agency, Roskomnadzor, the right to block access to websites that “discriminate against” or censor information coming from the Russian news media.

Source: Meduza


Croatia to finally give welfare benefits to civilian war victims

Twenty-five years after the war in Croatia ended, a law that will set out the rights of civilian victims of the conflict has finally been drafted, and the Croatian government expects it to be passed by parliament by the end of the year.

Source: Balkan Insight


Demonstrators in Paris protest new French law criminalising police images

Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of Paris to protest a proposed new law that would criminalise the dissemination of images of police officers.

Source: Euronews


German Infection law: a new legal status for culture

Under Germany's Infection Protection Law, culture is no longer classified as entertainment and cancelling arts events in the pandemic might become difficult.

Source: DW


HRW denounces new Russian bill targeting NGOs as ‘repressive’

The Russian government has submitted a bill to parliament that would further restrict the ability of independent groups in Russia to function.

Source: RadiaFreeEurope


Activists urge EU to ban live facial recognition in public spaces

Digital rights advocates in five European countries launched a campaign to spotlight the increasing use of facial recognition and other biometric identification technology across the Continent.

Source: Politico


Air pollution: Italy ‘persistently’ broke EU clean air laws

Italy "systematically and persistently" breached EU rules on air pollution, the European Court of Justice ruled.

Source: Euronews