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News Feed: Romania court nixes law allowing officials to own business

The Constitutional Court ruled that the legislation approved by Parliament in December wasn’t constitutional. Source:

march 2018
News Feed: Irish court rules on rights of ‘unborn’

The Supreme Court in Ireland has ruled that the “unborn” has no rights under the Irish constitution, other than the right to life in the Eighth Amendment. Source:  

march 2018
News Feed: Russia may be guilty of war crime in Syria, UN investigators say

A report by the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria suggests an attack on a densely populated civilian area in Aleppo by the Russian air force may amount to a war crime….

march 2018
News Feed: France to set legal age of sexual consent at 15

France plans to fix the legal age of sexual consent at 15, meaning sex with someone younger than that would be considered rape. Source:

march 2018
News Feed: Germany looks to revise social media law as Europe watches

A German law requiring social media companies to quickly remove hate speech from their sites is set to be revised following criticism that too much online content is being blocked. Source:

march 2018
News Feed: Social media handed “one-hour rule” for terrorist takedowns in Europe

This is not (yet) a new law. Rather it’s putting pressure on firms to comply with an informal recommendation or face the risk of actual legislation being drafted to rule social media,…

march 2018
News Feed: UK faces legal action over immigration exemption in data protection bill

The UK’s data protection bill is facing fresh controversy and the threat of legal action if the government does not ditch an amendment which removes data protection rights in instances where the Home Office…

march 2018
News Feed: Former prostitutes win legal challenge against UK government

High court rules the women can prevent criminal records being revealed to potential employers. Source:  

march 2018
News Feed: Ukraine Legislation Risks ‘Serious Harm To Democracy’

Freedom House says Ukraine’s parliament risks endangering the country’s democracy if it votes on draft laws that would increase government monitoring of civil society institutions. Source:    

march 2018
News Feed: European Commission publishes draft Brexit Agreement

One of the most contentious issues still unresolved concerns the border between Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, and the Republic of Ireland, which remains in the EU. Source:

march 2018
News Feed: Germany high court allows cities to restrict diesel vehicles

The verdict clearly exposes the vast failings of German policymakers over the years and their cozy relationship with the automobile industry, writes Der Spiegel.  

march 2018
Nani Jansen Reventlow: “Time to fight back for our digital rights”
All over Europe, digital rights are under attack, and numerous organizations are already advocating and going to court to protect human rights in the digital sphere. To facilitate collaboration between digital rights actors and provide funds for strategic litigation for that cause, Digital Freedom Fund was established in Berlin.