Poland: country adopts new controversial ‘death camp’ law

The bill, passed by Poland's lower house of parliament on Friday (26 January), threatens prison terms and fines against Polish or foreign nationals who blame Poles for atrocities against Jews committed by Nazi Germany in World War II.
Source: euobserver.com

Italy: Migrants accuse Italy of torture in French legal case

Thirty-eight African migrants have filed a case in France claiming that they suffered torture or inhuman treatment when they arrived in Italy.
Source: en.rfi.fr

UK: Crimes motivated by misogyny should be classified as hate crimes

The report of the Fawcett Society discusses domestic violence, employment discrimination and a litany of other issues that women face in the UK.
Source: jurist.org

Romania: European Commission expressed concern about Romania’s progress promoting the rule of law

In a joined statement President Juncker and First Vice-President Timmermans warn against backtracking and promise to look thoroughly at the final amendments to the justice law, the criminal codes and laws on conflict of interest and corruption.
Source: europa.eu

EU: The European Court of Justice sides with Facebook in privacy class-action lawsuit

The court ruled that an Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrems could not bring a class-action lawsuit involving more than 25,000 Facebook users worldwide against the social networking giant.
Source: politico.eu

EU: The European Court of Justice bars ‘gay test’ for asylum seeker

Hungarian immigration officials should not have put a Nigerian asylum seeker through psychological tests to determine whether he was telling the truth that he was gay.
Source: reuters.com 

Climate Change Threats and Perceptions: Choice of Priorities and Role of NGOs

External threats and their perceptions tend to reflect differences between a society’s various segments and groups—which, in turn, stem from problems on local, regional […]

Where things are “allowed” and where things are “forbidden”

Ahead of “weekend protests” that customarily take place in Moscow, OVD-Info sends out an  email to subscribers with information, including useful recommendations and links […]

Norway: Court rules against environmental groups to allow Arctic drilling

The ruling was a defeat for environmental groups Nature and Youth and Greenpeace Nordic, which had argued that allowing the drilling would violate the country's obligations under the Paris Agreement on climate change as well as the Norwegian Constitution.
Source: jurist.org