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Malte Spitz: ‘In the Digital Era, Everyone Should Be in Control of Their Data’
How strategic litigation, a traditionally US methodology for advancing rights and freedoms, can be utilized in Europe
november 2017
“Not everyone is able to pay a lawyer 600 euros for a 100 euro claim”
Proposed regulation of legal profession under debate in Russia
  Russian Federation
november 2017
From Caucasus to Bialowieza: Russian and Polish Civil Society Fighting for World Heritage
Poland wants Bialowieza Forest to be delisted from World Heritage sites. At the same time in Russia, restricted areas in Western Caucasus are under threat. How can NGOs influence the situation?
  Poland  Russian Federation
november 2017
‘Torture’ in Criminal Law: Legal Norms and Standards of Judicial Review
One of the least questioned principles of the international human rights law is prohibition of torture. Valentin Gefter examines the approaches to defining torture in the Russian and Latvian penal codes.
  Latvia  Russian Federation
november 2017