Criminal conviction and jail time for violating protest regulations can apply only to protesters who pose real threat to other people’s lives or property, the Constitutional Court ruled on 10 February 2017. But human rights advocates warn that implementation of the Court’s ruling depends heavily on politics

National action plans help entrepreneurs to minimise supporting human rights violations

Deputy Head of Greenpeace’s Political Unit (Berlin) talks about energy policy priorities for 2017, the economic benefits of alternative energy sources, and what to expect of Donald Trump

The European Court of Justice is likely to hold that it is the EU’s business to regulate marriage, regardless of the sex of the couple involved

An Italian lawyer and human rights activist answers the questions of the German lawyer

International law requires Russian agencies to be involved in the investigation of the activities of Russian organised crime groups in Europe. But such cooperation is consistently sabotaged and details of several cases have become known only thanks to civil rights activists

Though quite new and small in numbers, charitable foundations of this type are already strong in impact

The initiative that campaigned for this law is now concentrating on information and improvement of the newly adopted legislation

In a sudden U-turn, Russian lawmakers are eager to pass the bill abolishing last year’s amendments to the Criminal Code that made simple battery towards “close family” a separate criminal offence

Gender Pension Gap

Notes from the seminar jointly organized by Member of the European Parliament Dr. Agnieszka Kozlowska-Rajewicz and European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) at the premises of the European Parliament